"Ich kann nur die Vorteile erwähnen"
Bocholt • Belgien


Pieter-Jan van Dijk, Geflügelzüchter in Hamont und Bocholt, Belgien
500.000 Broiler

Pieter-Jan van Dijk betreibt mit seiner Familie einen Geflügelfarm mit 3 Standorten. Sie haben 2 Standorte in Hamont mit 80.000 und 170.000 Broilern und kürzlich 1 Standort in Bocholt mit 250.000 Broiler. Diese Broiler werden in 4 identischen Ställen von 120 x 25 Metern gehalten.

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Die Familie van Dijk war bereits mit dem Fütterungssystem von VDL Agrotech vertraut. Zur vollen Zufriedenheit werden die Valenta-Futtertöpfe im Stall in Hamont zur Fütterung der Küken eingesetzt. Für den neuen Standort in Bocholt haben sie sich für die Valanta Flow Slider Futtertöpfe entschieden. Pieter-Jan erklärt warum.

„Wir haben den Valenta Flow Slider aufgrund der Arbeitsersparnis gewählt. Wir brauchen jetzt weniger Kükenpapier unter die Trinklinien zu legen, und das spart uns 1,5 Stunden Arbeit pro Stall. Das ist schön in der bereits beschäftigten Startphase. Außerdem können die Küken in den ersten Tagen das Futter besser erreichen.

Der Valenta Flow Slider funktioniert sehr einfach. Es ist arbeitssparend und das Futter ist für die Küken leichter zugänglich. Wir sind bisher sehr zufrieden.“






Kees Koolen, poultry farmer Bergeijk, the Netherlands
Farm with 175,000 broilers

Kees has a system that allows him to hatch the eggs in the broiler house, so day old chicks are born in the broiler house thus eliminating transport from hatchery to broiler farm. The day old chicks have direct access to feed and water, which stimulates the organ development and the immune system. The Valenta Flow Slider simplifies the access to the feed for the chicks.

 “The Valenta Flow Slider offers me enormous benefits on labour. We no longer need to use chick paper. This saves us almost a day’s work, one hour per house. We save on hiring extra staff in the already busy start-up phase. In addition, the day old chicks are immediately able to find the feeding line,” according Kees Koolen.

The Valenta Flow Slider is, just like the "regular" Valenta, a pan without grill. The birds cannot get stuck. The feed overflow system is designed  to dose approximately one and a half kilograms of extra fresh feed into the open feed pans, shortly before the day-old broilers arrive or hatch in the broiler house. The odour, palatability and moisture content of the feed is preserved better. Since half a kilo of feed flows over the edge on the litter, feed intake is stimulated without additional labour costs or the use of chick paper. To open and close the Flow Slider, a central control handle is mounted on each feeding line.

Kees says: “We use the Valenta Flow Slider for a year now and after the seventh flock I dare say that the broilers  find the feed instantly. I am just as enthusiastic about the Valenta Flow Slider as I was when I first started using it.”

The demand for poultry meat has increased substantially in Azerbaijan, thanks to the economic goal for self-sufficiency . As a result, a large poultry farm in the north-eastern part of Azerbaijan decided in 2018 to expand the production capacity. This company has its own incubators and controls the entire process from the hatching of eggs to the slaughter of the broilers. High demands are made on equipment, welfare and hygiene. The meat produced meets the international food safety standards.

38 New houses are built and these are fully designed by VDL Agrotech. The engineers from VDL Agrotech have developed a plan in accordance with the vision of VDL Agrotech and the needs of the customer. For example, the broiler houses are equipped with Valènta feeding lines and drinking nipple systems.

The ventilation system is adapted to the warm climate of Azerbaijan. A combination of 11 tunnel fans, pad cooling and nozzle cooling ensure a comfortable climate in the house in the summer season.

The silos of the houses are mounted on load cells , so that the filling of the silos and the feed consumption of the animals can be registered at all time.

Furthermore, the houses are illuminated with a fully dimmable LED light system to maintain a desired light intensity during every stage of the cycle. All houses are linked to a central network so all management data can be collected and monitored from a  central computer.

Wilco Verhoijsen, Area Manager of VDL Agrotech, visited the project in June to discuss the progress of this prestigious project. Most houses are completed and the customer is very satisfied with the equipment and services of VDL Agrotech. The supervisor of VDL Agrotech is on site to supervise the correct erection and installation of delivered equipment.

The opening of the new broiler houses will take place in September 2019.

The building dimension  (115 x 15 meters)  makes it very suitable for tunnel ventilation. Each building is equipped with 5 Valènta feeding lines and 6 drinking nipple lines.

The air can enter the house via the minimum ventilation air inlet valves and through the tunnel inlet panels. Behind the tunnel inlet panels is the pad cooling system.

The control panel with an ORION-PB management computer is located in the service room.

Owner: Simon Muff
Location: Hellbühl
Capacity: 8.000 broilers

Location: Harare
Capacity: 35.000 broilers
Broiler house 15x123 meters, 5 houses in total.

Location: Yerevan Region
Capacity: 8 Broiler Houses.
Total capacity: 230.000.

Yerevan Region, west Armenia. VDL Agrotech supplied 8 broiler houses with equipment. At the current company site, all existing old buildings are going to be renovated and made ready for boilers. 

Capacity: 12 Broiler Houses.
Total capacity: 300.000 broilers.

Location: Namangan
Owner: Ummon SBK
Capacity: 155.000 broilers in 5 broiler houses and 7.500 broiler breeders in 1 broiler breeder house.

Namangan, west Uzbekistan. VDL Agrotech supplied 5 broiler houses and 1 broiler breeder house with equipment. At the current company site, all existing old buildings are going to be renovated and made ready for boilers and breeders.  

Location: Regio Almaty
Owner: OJSC Alatau Kus
- 60 broiler houses, total capacity 1.731.000 broilers
- 9 layer houses, total capacity 54.500 layers
- 4 breeder houses, total capacity 28.300 breeders

Location: Amman
Owner: Tamam Foods
Capacity: 6 complete broiler houses

The supplied project comprises 6 houses, each fully equipped with automatic feeding, drinking and climate equipment, including padcooling and combi tunnel ventilation.

Sustainable chicken takes flight
Windstreek presents a major leap forward from existing farming systems. This is achieved through the application of natural principles in ventilation and air filtration, through extra space for natural chick behaviour, through maximum transparency for the public and through agreeable working conditions for the farmer. All this in an economically competitive set-up, even when utilisation rates are relatively low and organic broilers grow slowly.

Technical innovations
The open facade lets the chicks experience a pleasant sense of open space and provides the public with a view into the barn. Windbreak mesh keeps out birds and other animals that might carry disease. When the weather is bad, there is the protection of curtains. The concave shape of the roof provides a natural system of air circulation. At the low end, outside air is drawn in via an earthen wall and adjustable openings. At the high end, the outgoing air is filtered by the row of trees. The brooding hood is a unique feature of Windstreek. It provides shelter to the chicks in their first weeks. With only a little additional heating at the initial stage, the shape of the brooding hood makes it possible to use the chicks’ own body heat to retain a comfortable temperature and at the same time ensures an ample supply of fresh air. With the automatic controlled microclimate the energy usage compared with traditional houses can be reduced up to 80%. Another unique feature is that the feeding-, drinking- and light systems are integrated in the brooder hood. This guarantees direct access to all elementary requirements of the day old chicks. The brooder simulates the natural behaviour under the wings of a mother hen. The broilers can leave the brooder to discover their new world and move to their own comfort zone.

Integral sustainability means that considerations of animal welfare are equally important as the environmental health and landscape integration. The integration of all these is what makes Windstreek unique

For more information, please visit: http://www.windstreek.org/