How to prevent reduced water absorption and spillage?

How to prevent reduced water absorption and spillage?

12 Juni 2020

The drinking water intake is of great importance for the health and performance of the hen, after all, a good water intake ensures a good feed intake. Supply of clean and good quality drinking water is of great importance, as well as an easy access for the hen.

Drinking behavior untrimmed hens

A hen with untrimmed beak drinks differently. They turn their heads and activate the nipple sideways. They have to make more effort to drink water and have an increased risk to spill water. As a result it may occur that they don’t drink enough water, because it takes the hens longer to drink the same amount of water.

Customized solution

The I-Flex 14-SP drinking nipple is adapted to the drinking behavior of these untrimmed laying hens.


  • The water delivery of this nipple is adapted to the water intake
  • The flow capacity is lower, which means that the nipple can also be activated sideways
  • The maneuverable trigger pin also allows them to activate the nipple from an angle
  • The nipple closes very well after activation by the hen, which minimizes spillage
  • In addition a one-armed drip cup is used from which the hens can drink any spilled water.

Improved animal health

This nipple improves the hen’s ability to drink water more easily. Water spillage is minimized, which contributes to dry litter condition and this improves the animal health.

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